My Perspective On Therapy

Therapy helps you, the client:

  • Feel understood, seen and heard
  • Focus on yourself: your identity, needs, and wishes
  • Choose between more-of-the-same and another way
  • Cut down negativity, blaming of self and others
  • Get over anger, despair, fear, the pull of the past
  • Rediscover small and large pleasures, a meaning in life
  • Accept life constraints, frustrations and losses
  • Dare to dream, believe, plan and act
  • Master the will to carry out wishes and plans

The therapist:

  • Focuses strongly on a client
  • Candid about the client and situation
  • Mindful of where a client is stuck
  • Skilled in helping clients get unstuck
  • Coaches coping in difficult situations
  • Encourages a demoralized client to go on
  • Challenges a client to risk change, act now
  • Teaches acceptance of reality, life constraints
  • Tries another way when the client is not advancing
  • Thinks beyond the hourly session