Following assessment, Daphne supports clients in forming personal goals and striving to achieve these goals, or seizing on opportunities for growth.

Clients are encouraged to examine unhelpful assumptions, think of other ways to view a situation, and rediscover strengths, motivation and valid causes for optimism. Daphne listens intently to clients' words and body language. Therapy starts with the "here and now" but may go into past experiences. Therapist and client jointly discover patterns of fearful, sad, lonely, angry or stuck feelings and then learn to combat those feelings. Coping and communication skills are reviewed and practiced, helping clients overcome barriers, and take action towards achieving life goals, overcoming procrastination, building and maintaining relationships, and feeling good. 

Couples (straight and same-sex) who are prone to conflict, feel distanced from each other, stuck, or in crisis, are helped to accept or even embrace their differences, tolerate distress and see the “whole person”. In sessions, as clients shed rigid patterns and open up, they often rediscover their softer sides. As communication opens, the parties tend to feel less conflict or distance and come to terms with external or past sources of distress. This helps to rebuild trust, nourish intimacy and sexual feelings, communicate with greater warmth and caring, building a deeper connection and a sense of well-being. 

Families are helped to communicate effectively and engage in behaviours that reduce conflict and focus on commonality rather than differences, and increase harmony.

Daphne provides her clients with handouts she has created on a variety of topics including managing anxiety, depression, anger, emotional regulation, sleep, and relationships.

Daphne believes that therapy, and life, benefit from successful balancing of acceptance and change. In her view, acceptance of ourselves, others, and reality open the way to change and goal achievement, one step at a time. Knowing that therapists learn a great deal from their clients, she values working with men and women from a variety of cultural and ethnic groups, sexual orientations and age groups.