The following are testimonials from women and men ranging in age from 22 to 80.

“Daphne has been the perfect match for my needs. It takes a very special person to understand some of the unique issues associated with being a child of Holocaust survivors...a single word is sometimes all that is required. I went through some rough times in the 2 years I visited Daphne. I cannot imagine anyone that could have been more understanding or helpful. My wife and I have moved to Toronto to be closer to children/grandchildren now. I know that finding someone like Daphne here will be an almost impossible task, Daphne is my hero!”

"I’ve been to other counselors before, and Daphne is by far my favorite. When you sit in her office, you truly feel like she is there for you. She is compassionate, patient, easy to open up to, and willing to go the extra mile for you. I first started seeing her during my last year of university when things were particularly difficult in my life. That was over 4 years ago, and I’m in a much better place now. I can honestly say that Daphne has helped me cope with some of the things I struggle with in a way that no other therapist has. I feel stronger and more capable of taking on the world, and she deserves a lot of credit for this. I would recommend Daphne to anyone who is considering counseling.

"Daphne is an essential support in my life, and, when I first started seeing her, she brought me back from the brink when I thought I was not able to handle my life. I would recommend her most highly."

"Daphne listened, understood my fears and skillfully, with her compassion and professionalism helped me to pick myself up showing me the way to the other side of the tunnel. I shall forever be thankful for the lifeline she provided me with." 
"I have a hectic schedule but Daphne has always been able to work me in quickly... I had clinical depression which had made me suicidal. Previous therapists were not able to help me except over substantial session periods, but Daphne resolved this issue for me in 3 sessions and it 'stuck'..."

"My partner and I had seen Daphne 3 times for couples counselling. She is awesome and had taken us from the brink of a break-up to 'back in love'.  I highly recommend her."

"My experience with Daphne has been nothing short of life changing and transformational. If you are stuck and looking for someone to be a mirror and a voice of reason you need to get in to see her. ...I am absolutely positive that without Daphne’s guidance and professional advice I would not be anywhere near as fulfilled and grateful as I am today. ...This woman is much more than a psychologist, she is an absolute gem and if can get in to see her your journey to heal, transform or find the tools you need to get over whatever it is you are struggling with will begin." 

"My experience with Daphne Gelbart as counsellor has been exquisite. To be honest, I have never been to other counsellors before, and with Daphne I felt comfortable from the very beginning. She gave me insightful guides to control my anxiety problems, and taught me how to deal with them. I highly recommend Daphne Gelbart for people with similar issues."

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